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At Peaches Skin Care Santa Barbara, we will suit your facial to meet your personal skin care needs. We will give you the most exceptional facial you will ever have!  Your first facial – only $89!

Your first Peaches facial is $89, where you will receive complimentary microdermabrasion ($49 value) and microcurrent ($49 value).  This gives you an introduction to all that we do at a discounted price.

After your first facial, the total cost is $187.

  • $89 for the facial
  • $49 for microdermabrasion
  • $49 for microcurrent

We will not perform our facial without microdermabrasion, as it is a crucial step in repairing the skin.  We need to remove the callous layer of skin before we can properly deep clean and extract any impurities.  If we did not do this step, we would not be able to give the results that we are known for.  We break down the pricing this way to show you how low our microdermabrasion and microcurrent prices are in comparison to other places. We will also not perform microcurrent treatments unless the person is a regular facial client. Again, the callous layer needs to be removed and cleaned in order for the microcurrent to penetrate as deeply as possible and strengthen the muscle.  We want the money you spend on your skin to guarantee you the best result!

Peaches Signature Facial Only $187

Your Santa Barbara Skin Care facial will include:

  • Washing
  • Exfoliation
  • Hot Towels
  • Oxygen
  • Extractions
  • Appropriate Mask
  • Oodles and Oodles of Massage to Head, Neck, Arms, Hands, and Feet
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microcurrent

Our Peaches Signature Facial takes about 60 minutes, but we don’t rush!

Back Facial Only $187

Just like your face, we will pamper your back and give you skin you can be proud to show off.

Professional Micro-Dermabrasion $49

When done properly and professionally, microdermabrasion can remove scar tissue, layers of old skin (thus making the appearance of wrinkles diminish, and in some cases disappear) as well as spots from sun damage. It is also essential in removing acne that is often lodged under layers of calloused skin to bring up new, unblemished tissue.

The results are amazing!

Micro Current Muscle Work $49

We call this miraculous procedure a “face lift” without surgery. We are able to firm the muscles in your face and create muscle memory, giving you a youthful, lifted appearance without surgery or unattractive scars. Micro current also promotes blood flow which leads to faster healing and it kills bacteria deep within the skin tissue.

Extended Micro Current Treatments Available – Inquire for details

Oxygen Retinol Renewal Treatments Only $100

When you lose oxygen in your cells, they begin to die which leads to loss of collagen. After the loss of collagen, it’s followed by the loss of elasticity- causing aged sagging skin and wrinkles. When you REPLACE oxygen, along with encapsulated Retinol (a more gentle form of vitamin A that penetrates into the skin 2x faster than other forms) you reverse the aging process. With consistent Retinol Renewal Treatments, cells begin to rejuvenate & collagen/elasticity is repaired and maintained. Make sure to incorporate our Retinol Renewal Night Creme 2-3 times each week as part of your nightly skin care regime!


  • eyebrow shape & design (or no wax)$40 
  • eyebrow shape maintenance*$30 
  • lip$20 
  • chin$20 
  • cheeks$20 
  • sideburns$20 
  • underarms$25 
  • half arms (upper or lower)$30 
  • half legs (upper or lower)$50 
  • classic bikini (panty line)$30-35 
  • teeny weenie bikini (landing strip)$40-45 
  • add tushy$15 
  • Brazilian bikini (all gone, includes tush)$60-70 
  • add inner thigh$5 
  • add any individual area$10 

WAXING COMBOS (save$5-$15)

  • face wax(includes eyebrows, lip, chin, cheeks & sideburns)$80 
  • full legs (includes upper and lower)$100 
  • full legs with classic bikini$130 
  • full legs with teeny weenie bikini$160 
  • full legs with Brazilian bikini$120 
  • full arms (includes upper and lower)$50 
  • full body (save &75!)$195 


  • full back (includes neck)$70 
  • full chest (includes stomach)$60 
*in order to receive maintenance price on eyebrow wax, client must be rebooking every 3-6 weeks
We regret that we can not perform waxing services for clients who are taking Accutane, Retin-A, or blood thinners due to the skin sensitivity these medications produce

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