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Peaches Skin Care
6 East Arrellaga St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Hours of operation
tuesday:11am – 7pm
wednesday:11am – 6pm
thursday:10am – 6pm
friday:10am – 6pm
saturday:9am – 2pm
  • Peaches Signature Facial
  • Back Facial
  • Professional Micro-Dermabrasion
  • Micro Current Muscle Work
  • Waxing
  • Oxygen Retinol Renewal Treatments

Here at Peaches, with over two decades of experience behind our treatments, we have just one philosophy: that perfect skin is possible for anybody.  Skin care is our passion, and our talented estheticians have honed the art of providing life-changing results to their clients.

Michelle Vaughn - Santa Barbara Skin Care Peaches Skin CareMichelle Vaughan – Spa Manager & Master Lead Esthetician and a first hand witness of the benefits of proper skin treatment and derma-brasion.  She has a passion for achieving skin-perfection in all her clients.  She loves to help people in need of care, because after overcoming her past skin problems, she knows that with her all-natural and non-invasive treatments, any complexion can be healthy and clear.  Michelle has lived in Santa Barbara her whole life, and knows how to make skin flourish in this unique environment.

Nicole Aylwin - Santa Barbara Skin CareNicole Basso – Master Esthetician is bilingual- fluent in Spanish and English. Nicole enjoys all aspects of the beauty industry including being immersed in an environment that embraces creativity. She has a deep understanding that client care is a primary contributing factor to a successful business and aims daily to exceed each client’s expectations. Whether it be offering a drink, a special greeting, or a warm smile; she always strives to create a lasting impression. Like most women, she has faced her own skin challenges which made her interested in skin care products and services. Nicole loves to take a deeper look at product ingredients and all of the factors that contribute to “good skin”.  Nicole provides individualized treatments depending upon specific client needs and skin care goals, all the while maintaining the Peaches facial process and philosophy.

Noa Williams – Esthetician is a Santa Barbara native. She was born and raised growing up with the sun and surf being a part of life. Her exposure to the bright California sun as well as a family history of various skin issues has fueled her passion for skin care. Through these different experiences she has grown to be aware of the need to care for you skin and the repercussions of poor skin care. This passion has inspired her to help others learn how to care for their skin the Peaches Skin Care way. Noa feels she can stand behind the natural and result oriented skin care philosophy of Peaches Skin Care 110%. She has seen amazing improvement in her own skin and is excited and enthusiastic to share her knowledge with those who are in need of proper skin care!

Casey Dezso – Esthetician was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from the Euro Institute of Skin Care. She relocated to California to be closer to family and feels blessed to have discovered beautiful Santa Barbara and a career opportunity at Peaches that supports her own beliefs about health and skin care. Her long personal struggle with her own skin led her to pursue a career as an esthetician. She avidly researches product ingredients and has embraced Peaches natural products and their philosophy of results driven skin care. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help her clients achieve their own skin care goals.

Nicki Abrashinsky – Spa Director chased the sunshine and gorgeous weather and moved to Santa Barbara 11 years ago.  This little slice of heaven is her new home, and she couldn’t be happier living between the mountains and the sea.  She loves the outdoors and has a passion for a healthy lifestyle.  Nicki is the newest member at Peaches Skin Care in Santa Barbara and is excited to take on the role as Spa Director.  Nicki has been a devoted client at Peaches for many years because she believes in our all natural products and non-invasive approach to healing the skin.  She has personally seen amazing results with her own skin through continued maintenance; our signature facial followed by the prescribed home regimen.  Furthermore, Nicki is enthusiastic about being a part of a passionate team that educates others about Peaches products and procedures to help them look and feel naturally beautiful.

Lisa Pfeiffer - Peaches Skin CareAll of the estheticians at Peaches Skin Care are college graduates, Board-Certified Estheticians, and have been practicing skin care for years under the direction of Lisa Pfeiffer the owner of Peaches, who has been working as an esthetician in California and Oregon, for over two and a half decades, owning multiple salons in the past, and perfecting her technique for restoring skin to its natural, healthy perfection.

A MESSAGE FROM LISA PFEIFFER – Owner / Master Esthetician

I have been in the skin care and beauty industry for over two decades. I have had the privilege of working in every facet of the industry-from my beginnings as a makeup and makeover artist working with brands such as Lancome, Estee lauder, Clinique and Adrien Arpel, to having the privilege of working with the finest dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons in the industry.

I have worked in salons, with professional athletes, models, actors and actresses as well as traveling to private homes in LA. What did I notice with each new experience? That no matter how much make up you applied and how many injectables or procedures or products you suggested to a client, the results would always be the same. You can’t HIDE, COVER, SCRAPE, LASER, INJECT, or IGNORE the real reasons for bad, pre-maturely aged, acne ridden and scarred skin. You must know what the skin does to protect itself and why.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the filtration system and the protector of internal organs. It wants to be nourished, fed and loved.

I would notice each time a patient came into the physician’s office or walked up to the cosmetic counter, that he or she was never asked about what they were using as their regime at home. Did they wear foundation? Change their pillow case every night? Wash the product out of their hair? Travel to a new place with different flora, fauna, bacteria, or fungus? You get the picture. Instead people are taught invasive procedures and given products that are full of color, fragrance, and chemicals and have no antioxidants or nourishment for the skin.

When I gave a facial to a beautiful, well-known model and noticed how terrible her skin was, I found out she had been getting her zits injected; making the skin collapse and dent. She had also been taking medication for over five years. I knew I had to find a way to truly cleanse the skin deeply and get immediate results for my clients that didn’t further damage their inner or outer body.

In the past two plus decades I have honed and detailed ONE very specific facial. Add in our products filled with pure antioxidants and continual client education and training of our MASTER estheticians, I have created the highest standard in the industry. We have been able to transform skin beginning from the very first visit and the very first wash. We don’t just sell hope – we stand with you through the process of new, beautiful, healthy skin.

My belief is simple- non invasive procedures, no peels, no lasers, no injectables, no pills, no foundation. NATURAL is BEAUTIFUL! We make it so your skin doesn’t have to be covered up, pulled back, scraped, burned or chemically changed in any way.

We love your skin and teach it to heal itself, breathe, live and renew!

Changing your skin can completely transform your life and how you feel.

Quite simply let us be the catalyst to begin feeling good again. We will be with you on your journey to feeling confident and taking care of your inner and outer self.